A 2500nit semi outdoor signage with exceptional installation flexibility . Related Products OM46D-K / OM55D-K / OM75D-K

  • Category: Samsung Semi-outdoor displays


  • OutdoorOutdoor
  • 24/7 operation24/7 operation
  • High BrightnessHigh Brightness
  • Quad Core CPUQuad Core CPU
  • Built-in Magicinfo S2Built-in Magicinfo S2
  • Wi-fi module embeddedWi-fi module embedded
  • Ultra-high brightness (2,500 nit) with an auto brightness sensor for visibility in ambient light conditions
  • Built-in Wi-Fi and mobile app compatibility for centralized, cable-free content management
  • Reliable 24/7 operation and durability in any sunlight environment
  • Kit-type displays that can fit into customized housings to serve a wide range of configurations